Intelligent Forecasting

Enhanced and Informed decisions to transform your Business
We at Fusion.AI leveraging innovative and advanced tools & techniques provide companies and businesses with intelligent forecasting approaches to drive digital transformation into their organization, which is more accurate, adaptive, and automated than ever, and optimize your inventory, boost your production planning and reduce your total cost of supply chain ownership with quick and accurate forecasts.

Our Services Includes

Sales Forecasting

We develop an accurate anticipating sales forecasting tools which provides a clear view on informed business decisions and predict short-term and long-term performance and uses machine learning to identify and adjust for deal-level trends.

Demand Forecasting

We develop special and advanced demand forecast models that accumulate many historical data with internal and external factors that shape demand trends in the future. This approach ensures our clients get perfect results.

Automated Decision Engines

Our automated and real-time decision-making can help businesses to test and learn from new customer experience efforts, with less human mediation that frees managers to spend their time on more complex operations.

AI - Powered Forecasting

Maximize your production planning, optimize your inventory, and reduce the total cost of ownership of your supply chain in a fast and accurate estimate. Fusion.AI's data science expertise and technical capabilities allow you to translate existing data streams - even those optimized for or stored in SAP and Excel spreadsheets - into demand forecasting that is more accurate, adaptive and automatic than before.

Understand the main drivers that make or break your supply chain with greater estimated accuracy. Thanks to machine learning and sophisticated analytics, demand and financial planners can access, manage and compare unlimited amounts of data and demand factors. Intelligent demand forecasting automatically understands this large data set faster and more efficiently than is possible with traditional systems - or even imaginable with Excel worksheets.

What we offer

Fusion.AI provide you an AI tailored Forecasting solutions ensuring great adaptation to current business needs providing you the tool to do intelligent forecasts. Fusion.AI will let you focus on marketplaces, customer groups, clients and products, which are most significant to your organization and allow less significant be calculated predicated on parameters. These certain entities could be forecasted at depth, predicated on analytic expertise and precise strategies for marketing campaigns, new product produce etc.

You can consequently perform higher-level predictions and forecasts, coupled with specific detailed arranging. We can do the rest for you personally. Ideas and preconditions for the forecasts could be documented for in the future referral, plus the resulting forecast is definitely instantly designed for comparison against real characters on all quantities and schedules in the reporting and analyses.
Having the ability to define moving forecasts, you may make sure that you're always as near as you possibly can to probably the most accurate forecast.

How we build forecasting models


Smart Decision using Advanced Forecasting Algorithms?

Fusion.AI provides a full-scale production solution that introduces handpicked algorithms seamlessly into your day-to-day workflows. To help organization and business decision makers defeat and overcome the issues they face getting, handling, and ingesting data, we delivers technology-agnostic, cost-effective solutions based on Moment series forecasting constructed and analyzed for max predictability and We produce innovative time collection forecasting solutions counting on an eclectic understanding of forecasting techniques. Included in these algorithms not formerly intended for moment series research and novel data preprocessing and we as well check them with multiple validation intervals to increase predictability under an array of conditions.

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